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Higher capacity pebbled ice with room temp and hot water.

The AW16 is for anyone who loves pebbled ice. This bad boy has hot and room temp water capabilities plus an ice machine capable of up to 165 lbs of crushed ice per day. It is available in both a countertop and a stand alone version to fit any need.

  • SafeTouch™ surface protection with silver ion antimicrobial technology

  • Combination ice maker and water dispenser

  • High-capacity ice production dispenses pebble ice

  • Hot and room temperature (ambient) water

  • Hot water dispensing safety button

  • LED UV helps maintain system cleanliness

  • TDS management technology featuring the ability to flush the evaporator.

  • Touch-activated sensor operation for easy cleaning

  • Advanced purification system

  • Drainless technology allows freedom of placement

  • Available with optional free-standing base cabinet

  • Only 17.5” high - fits under most cabinetsLong description to come

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