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Arizona Ice & Water is a team of experts with decades of experience in the water industry. We have provided safe, clean water as far back as 1984 and want to share the knowledge we’ve gained with all of Arizona. We want to simplify your processes, look for cost savings and offer you the best service available.

Our service includes same or next day response to service issues. We do not charge for service calls or filter changes in our all inclusive pricing. We have service coverage that includes all of Arizona and our team is trained and ready to help. You will always get a live answer when you call. No automated systems. We are real, local and we care.

Our key services include leasing of bottleless water systems, purified ice machines and all water purification systems. The all inclusive lease includes the rental of the equipment, any maintenance and all filters and filter changes. What you see is what you pay.


We will service you anywhere in the state of Arizona. We have dealer partners nationwide to help you anywhere you may need. 

Enjoying Clean Water


Our bottleless water systems eliminate the hassles associated with bottled water delivery service while providing you with the best purification available. In most cases, when our customers are using five gallon jugs, we are able to see a significant reduction in their monthly costs when ditching the bottle. Our systems are available in a wide array of sizes from the one person office up to full scale manufacturing sites, call centers, and schools of all ages.

Ice Blocks


By choosing Arizona Ice & Water for your purified ice needs, you eliminate all of the concerns with ice delivery and simplify the process of providing ice for your business without the need to purchase expensive equipment. Our ice packages each include a filling station for all of your bulk water needs and our bottleless water systems. Stop waiting for your delivery to arrive or the maintenance tech to fix your machine. We can service your whole facility's ice & water needs.

Ice Blocks
Water Purifier & Glass


At Arizona Ice & Water, we look forward to a challenge. We can purify just about any water quality there is. From softeners to reverse osmosis and everything in between. We take pride in the fact that our team has years of water purification experience in a multitude of applications. With our combined knowledge, rest assured we can find a solution for your water concerns, whether for 25 gallons a day to 25,000 gallons a day.

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